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Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY 3D Butterfly Wall Art with FREE Templates

Hello! Are you all enjoying the early days of Spring? The early flowers are bright and lovely, veggie gardens are being cleaned up and planned, and the tree in our front yard is blooming its pretty white flowers this week. 

I am shaking the Winter chill from my bones and am loving this weather, both rain or sun!

I will be having a brunch on Easter Sunday and decided to make a pretty display for the wall in my dining room. It is a simple, beautiful way to decorate for Spring and the upcoming holidays!

The templates (found below) can be printed directly onto card stock or printed once, folded, and used as a template to trace onto card stock of your choice.  

I used card stock in pastel colors. Depending on how many you want to create, printing them directly onto card stock may be a quicker way to mass produce your butterflies.

Fold the printed butterflies in half. I hand drew the butterflies so the dotted line may not be exact but if you fold the page in half, the butterflies will still cut out perfectly. 

After cutting out as many as you wish, (we had 60 butterflies, big and small), put a bit of double-sided tape on the body part of the butterfly and attach it to the wall for display. 

Our girls helped me tape all the butterflies in a diagonal pattern flying upwards. 

Then, we folded each wing inward to make a crease along the body line of the butterfly. This creates the 3D effect! It is similar to the Bat Wall we created for Halloween!

Here are the templates for both the big and tiny butterflies. The downloaded templates will be plain to conserve on ink.  

Make sure your print settings are "scale to fit page" so that they print at the correct sizes.

Please let me know if you create a 3D butterfly wall of your own. I would love to see them all! 

Other ideas for these templates: 
  • Decorate the classroom! Students can write their wishes for Spring on the wings and tape them to the walls to share. Younger students can decorate with their names or draw patterns on the wings.
  • Print the templates to use as unique gift tags for Spring birthday parties and events! 
  • Print and write names on your butterflies as place settings for Spring celebrations!
  • Make a wish jar full of tiny butterflies with Spring activities on them. For example: Fly a kite, Go ride your bike, Draw a picture of a beautiful garden, Take a family walk around the neighborhood. Have your children pull an activity to do each beautiful Spring Day! 

  •  Use as a photo backdrop for cards, invitations and more!
Happy Decorating!


  1. Thank you for this stencils of butterfly. I try to decorate my room, so it is helpful :)

  2. i just downloaded your templates thank you o much this is exactly what i was looking for to put in my girls room.. i will update once done with pictures thank you again

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