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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Better Than The Rest Potato Salad

Every weekend in the summer is cause for a celebration! We gather family for barbeques, roast marshmallows on the grill for s'mores, chase lightning bugs at dusk, and then sweep indoors to cool, air conditioned rooms for popcorn and late night movies.

This bacon and pea potato salad is one I consider "Better Than The Rest". It is a recipe that I have altered to my own taste over the summers, adding and subtracting ingredients until I feel it has finally been perfected. I never had it written down until now.

Click on the recipe below to download a copy. It is simple and so delicious! How could it NOT be tasty with a whole pound of crispy bacon added?



  1. I just heard today that my community garden will be having our opening season potluck in 2 weeks and I'm very happy about this recipe for my bring-a-long potluck dish. I'm thinking I ought to add some capers and wonder if you've tried this? Christine

  2. Hello Christine,

    No, I have not tried capers in this recipe. I kept it very simple! Let me know if you try it with capers included and like it! :)

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