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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello! I know it has been such a long time since I have been in this space. I feel like I should have written a Dear Blog letter in August to explain myself. Truth is, my life is full of these beautiful girls, my husband and family and by the time 9:00 bedtime arrives for the girls, I am about as exhausted as they are.

It has been an entire month now with five of our girls in school. The twins started full-day Kindergarten. Madelyn started her first year of middle school. *sigh*

Evangeline and I have epic days full of lounging on the deck eating our lunches, reading books, coloring, and watching episodes of Super Why and Dora On Demand. She is my shadow, mimicking me, hugging my leg and saying, "I help Mama!" with just about everything. She helps me put away laundry, clean and dust, helps press the button on the dishwasher, and pushes a chair twice her size to the kitchen counter to help bake snacks for after school.

It seems like September was a whirlwind and here we are pushing into the second week of October already. Two of my siblings moved and I have all been busy helping them shop, move in boxes, build furniture and just hang out in their new spaces. Mike has been helping my other brother and his family, who also recently moved, work on their new home. He has been seeking spare moments to work on helping them put up new drywall and now a new bathtub and surround. 

A few more weekends until Halloween arrives and my annual Halloween costume party! I have been slowly assembling costumes for the girls and gathering party supplies. The weather is slowly getting colder and the days are getting shorter. My perfect time of year! Now, if I can just carve a bit of time for myself for crafting and writing and getting myself settled back here in this space. I do hope to be here more often.

Happy Autumn to you all!


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