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Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Craft with Yarn

Today I thought it would be fun to post an Autumn craft using chunky yarn, some recycled cardboard and other found materials! 

As I mentioned before, I am homeschooling our twin preschoolers this year. Our letter of the week was A so I decided to do an Apple yarn craft. The materials were ones I already had in my craft stash. The idea sparked from a similar craft my Mom used to do with us when we were kids!

Easy, eco-friendly and kids of all ages can enjoy!

First, we took two round cardboard pieces that I saved from frozen pizza packages. 

There are many choices of recycled cardboard you can find around the house: old cereal boxes, boxes from mailed packages, appliance boxes, old cardboard storage boxes, etc.

Then, I cut a slight rounded V shape into the top and a little dip into the bottom to give it more of an apple shape.

We used this chunky Lion Brand yarn. Chunkier yarn is better because it covers more surface quickly. 

We also used old-fashioned Elmer's white glue. It was the easiest choice for little hands to squeeze and apply themselves.

Next came the application of the yarn. I cut about 12 arm lengths of yarn for this project 
which seemed to work out just perfectly. 

We started from the outside and squeezed one line of glue around the entire shape of the apple.

Here is row #2! Once the first line was in place, it was easier for them to keep going around and around to complete rows. 

You can also easily help adjust the rows because the glue is slow to dry. 

Don't worry about mistakes or drips on the yarn, the glue dries clear! 

After the project was complete, we went on a search for the perfect apple stick! This gave the project an opportunity to dry and the twins got time to stretch their legs and play in the the backyard scouting for a stick to use.  

Then, we applied it to the back using masking tape! 

For a finishing touch, I dug a few green pipe cleaners from my stash, twisted both ends onto the stick and had them shape it into a leaf. A great craft to do on an Autumn afternoon!!

Think of the all the possible different shapes for holiday crafting using this simple yarn technique: pumpkins, autumn leaves, hearts, candy canes, shamrocks, stars... just about anything your imagination can dream up! 

** Happy Crafting! **


  1. The finished product is adorable!

  2. What an adorable kid-friendly craft. I bet they look cute decorating your house right now, too!

  3. Thanks for commenting, Taloola and Leslie! It was a fun craft and they are now decorating our fireplace mantle for Autumn!

  4. These are sweet! Do you have a place to hang them up? What a fun keepsake :)

  5. Wow~!! I LOVE how these came out~!! Even though we are finished with our apple theme, we might have to revisit it for a day. :o) Just so I can copy your idea.

    The Paper Maid

  6. Thanks Sarah and Deborah! I am glad you stopped by and left a comment. Our girls loved making them and they are great Autumn decorations!

  7. These are really cute, I love the chunky yarn! I'll be featuring this on The Crafty Crow soon!


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