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Thursday, July 2, 2009

100 Fun, Frugal Things to Do With the Kids

I thought our Summer Wish List was in need of a re-haul after reading this post by The Inspired Room.

I bought a big sky blue sheet of poster board, printed and cut out all the activities, then arranged and glued them on!

We will put silver glittery stars in the boxes to mark all the fun things we do!

Here is a list that we hope to complete by the end of the summer!

  1. Swim in Grandma’s pool
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Outdoor movie
  4. Get a treat from the Ice Cream truck
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Play baseball
  7. Swim in the lake
  8. Go to the mountains
  9. Visit a yard sale/ flea market.
  10. Go to the library
  11. Fly kites
  12. Play in the rain
  13. Camp in the backyard
  14. Keep summer journals
  15. Sleepover party
  16. Blow bubbles
  17. Eat veggies from our garden
  18. Make your own pizza night
  19. Sunday Sundaes
  20. Ride bikes
  21. "Kids Make Dinner" night
  22. Press flowers
  23. Visit a national park
  24. Make s’mores
  25. Go to the playground
  26. Make smoothies
  27. Chase butterflies
  28. Catch fireflies
  29. Bake cookies
  30. Invent a new dance routine
  31. Wii Sports Family Tournament
  32. Build a sandcastle
  33. Tie Dye!
  34. Make homemade butter
  35. Create a blanket fort
  36. Play frisbee
  37. Write haikus
  38. Visit a museum
  39. Decorate the sidewalk with chalk
  40. Fill our summer reading journal
  41. Send packages to grandparents
  42. Make pet rocks
  43. Learn a new card game
  44. Make popsicles
  45. Play hopscotch
  46. Sleep downstairs
  47. Learn a magic trick (or 2)
  48. Make cereal necklaces
  49. Have a water fight!
  50. Learn some knock knock jokes
  51. Play flashlight tag
  52. Make homemade snow cones
  53. Read a chapter book together
  54. Homemade play dough
  55. Watch a children Anime movie
  56. Go berry picking
  57. Family Game night
  58. Leaf printing
  59. Make a birdbath (to bird watch)
  60. Mini book from 1 sheet of paper
  61. Learn about clouds
  62. Make our own bookmarks
  63. Find summer constellations
  64. Make boxes out of popsicle sticks
  65. Roller skate
  66. Finger paint
  67. Do a science experiment
  68. Take a walk
  69. Pop popcorn on the stove
  70. Invent a new ice cream
  71. Do a 500 piece puzzle
  72. Have an Alice in Wonderland tea party
  73. Make ice cream in a can
  74. Watch Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatres
  75. Make a giant “spider web” from yarn
  76. Host a yard sale
  77. Free Bowling
  78. Watch a meteor shower (Aug 12,13th Perseids)
  79. Play restaurant
  80. Muffin week
  81. Make brownies
  82. Watch fireworks
  83. Ride scooters
  84. Paint a picture
  85. Create ATC’s to hand out to friends
  86. Do yoga with Mom
  87. Make a friendship bracelet
  88. Handwrite a letter to a friend
  89. Play hide and seek
  90. Wash the car with Dad
  91. Decorate a pair of flip flops
  92. Create pictures with colored pasta
  93. Make our own stamps
  94. Make magnets
  95. Eat breakfast for dinner
  96. BINGO night
  97. Attend an outdoor concert
  98. Learn origami
  99. Make chocolate dipped frozen bananas
  100. Have the best summer ever!


  1. i love this list! i'll definitely be coming back to it for inspiration.

  2. fabulous list!

  3. Love it! I retweeted it too.

  4. This list is SO fun, thanks so much for all the ideas!

  5. what a fantastic list!! thanks for sharing. :)


  6. Holy cow! You have inspired me. I'm going to read every one of these links and come up with a list for my babies and grandbabies. Thanks for this!

  7. Thanks for all the comments to our "100 fun and frugal ideas" list!

    I'm thrilled to know it will be inspiring so many other families this summer!

    *It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." -Laura Ingalls Wilder

  8. Great list with lots of good ideas for simple and more involved activities! I always get hung up on the big outings (the beach, camping) and forgot about all the small, fun things we can do. I'll definitely be trying some of the stuff on here.


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