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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pinteresting Halloween!

Have you been decorating for Halloween yet? I have! If you are a Pinterest junkie like I am, you have been pinning some incredible ideas and inspiration for cute and creepy decor. Amanda at The Modern Marigold is having a Tuesday Pin-did Challenge! To DO something from your Pin boards, from someone else's boards, or just an idea that you have been meaning to get to in general! I have endless amounts of those.

I noticed this link from Dana @ Made popping up a lot. Have you seen it also? A indoor haunting of bats flying across your wall! Yes! I download the template from County Living, grabbed a pack of black cardstock and got to tracing and cutting out oodles of bats! Just needed a bit of time to sit down uninterrupted and I got them cut out quickly!

Now, I too have a spooky wall of flying bats leading you directly to the Count...who according to the sign, is in need of blood donors! Muhahaha!

I'm linking up to The Modern Marigold's Pin-did Challenge! You should too! Go check out the other links.


  1. Cute! I really need to get better about decorating for the holidays now that my kids are old enough to understand! Might just have to try this.

  2. ahh! I remember seeing this last year on made + I loved it! your version is way cute - I am seriously decorating impaired, but this looks like it might just be something I could handle... :)


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