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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Men In Kilts


Yes, it was our annual trip to the Celtic Classic! Men in kilts, parades of bagpipes, roasted corn and turkey legs, cigar smoke in the air, caber tossing, pushing through crowds to secure a seat for the Glengharry Bhoys under an unbearably warm tent and late night shopping under brightly lit stalls for the perfect color claddagh ring for little girls' fingers. Later, we head back to the car (all 18 of us) where we stopped for pizza and claimed the entire restaurant to ourselves! Good times!

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  1. Oh, love the pics, love love love bagpipes! I took Scottish dancing lessons when I was younger. And I have a Mom that used to play the bagpipes! Fun!

    Beautiful family! Visiting from SITS, have a wonderful weekend!


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