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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Time for Spring

In a few short weeks, the trees have gone from wind blown and snow covered to bright and covered in buds ready to burst. I may have been absent in this online space for a quarter of the year but I can assure you I have been completely present in my actual life. 

In January, we had a chicken pox outbreak. All the girls except Madelyn contracted them. Considering the school snow days, they did not miss too much school but were out for almost two weeks. I also started a big reorganization of my bedroom. It is still a work in progress. Perhaps someday I will be able to post some photos of the before and after. Soon.

I also finally made an doctor appointment for a nagging ear/throat issue that I associated with eustachian tube dysfunction or allergies. After I went, the doc prescribed an antibiotic for the chronic sinus infection he told me I had. I am not the biggest fan of antibiotics but took them in hopes of clearing away whatever had been bugging me for longer than I would like to admit. The antibiotics along with a simple saline nasal spray seemed to heal my problem. I continue to use the drug-free, nasal spray by Arm & Hammer and it has definitely been a miracle for me.

February brought many birthday celebrations! Madelyn is a teenager now! *sigh*
Lana turned eleven. As always, my sister Hannah made some beautiful cakes.

February was full of SNOW, sledding in my parents' backyard with all the kids and cousins, sleepover parties, my brother, Jason's birthday, snowman building and igloos to hide in, the 100th Day of School, and trips to the pet shelter where we wished we could bring every stray cat home with us.

March brought us more birthdays. Sophia turned eight and our tiniest girl Evangeline is now three! I do not think I have ever seen a happier girl than Eva was when she looked down at those candles lit on her cake with everybody singing Happy Birthday.

Other March adventures included: a trip to the Please Touch Musuem, a few fun visits to real estate open houses in our area, an annual St. Patty's dinner at my parents', my brother Noah's cowboy birthday complete with fake mustaches for the kids, and a weekend searching furniture stores for a new sectional for our living room.

Now we are in April and I am looking forward to warmer days, sunshine, open windows, and Spring cleaning. I currently completed two weeks of a Spring cleaning schedule that I follow every season from this book. 

I am considering doing the same schedule for the next two weeks. It is a great system moving throughout each room. I just do not seem to get to everything I want to clean the first time around!

Unfortunately, this week also brought a stomach virus of some sort. Gracie has been on and off sick all week, stayed home twice from school after vomiting in her bed overnight. Isabella has been also complaining of not feeling so good. Lana too had an episode last night that resulted in another blanket and rug washing event that I could have done without.

It has been an exhausting week. I am optimistic for quick recoveries so we can all start enjoying the warm, sunny days April will bring us!

Happy Spring days to you all!


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