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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Chronicles Part Two

I know, I promised less Instagram photos last time I posted. These will have to do for now.

I have stepped away from the computer for this month, promising less screen time. I am not sure I am doing as well as I hoped. This post will probably ramble a bit but I have not checked in here for awhile. My own Mom threatened to kick me off her Google Reader list (She's kidding... I hope!)

My days are hectic and full and sometimes more stressful than I want. The nights are calm when all are in bed and I hear only the quiet whoosh of the air conditioning, the cats clicking along the wood floors, and the rustling of my comforter.

We have been filling our days and every weekend is busy. We took another trip to Ocean City with family. Beach time, sandy bodies, long walks, good food and great friends. We are slowly checking off our list of 100 Things to Do This Summer.  Forty-one to date! Not nearly enough, but I keep forgetting we have time to catch up.

Each morning there is the pool to fill and girls to appease. Wet towels have become the household staple. More of a staple than actual food! You would imagine I am feeding a half dozen children the way food is consumed around here. Oh wait... that's right. :)

I recently rearranged the twins bedroom and lengthened the toddler bed they are sharing (it is the expandable twin size bed from Ikea). It was inevitable, I suppose. Their little legs are growing as quickly as the days are getting shorter, pushing us slowly towards Autumn with each passing hour.

I also made the twins two matching nightgowns from a pair of Ikea King size pillowcases that match my duvet bed cover. They are long to their ankles with lace trim and look so beautiful. Isabella and Grace never want to take them off. They wear them as dresses and nightgowns alike. I secretly wish I had one for myself!

Also, Sophia lost a front tooth. Each time she smiles, her tongue pushes through the empty spot. That makes me smile, too. She is still diligent in her quest for butterflies. Each day she carries her net out to the backyard in pursuit, her long wavy hair flying.

August is coming. Whenever I hear the cicadas more frequently, my mind wanders to school supplies and checklists of what new clothing needs to be bought. I even bought a few Christmas presents the other day, now stashed away in my closet! *sigh*

I want (need!) to stay present in Summer for just awhile longer, though. Those blustery days of Autumn will arrive soon enough. 

For now, it is sun-kissed faces, homemade ice cream sandwiches, playing together both laughing (and fighting!), and a whole lot of wet towels for Mama to keep warm and dry. 

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