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Friday, August 17, 2012

School Countdown

The countdown to school has begin here. A mere 17 days and only 3 more weekends. We have knocked off 62 Fun Summer Activities off our chart for this year!  A great record for us!

Two were checked off today when Mike (with a rare day off) had the girls put on their bathing suits to "Wash the Car with Dad" and "Wash their bikes."

The other day I printed out a whole bunch of templates to make a school countdown for the girls to be able to visualize how many days were left in their Summer. The templates were from this book. I have all the different months and seasons of this series. There are a bunch of great crafts/activities and fun ideas to be had in these books.

The girls got to work coloring the pages and then I cut them out, numbered them and stapled them to a ribbon to hang in our dining room area. 

Lana got the #1 spot with her colored book that says, "Hooray! School's Back!"

This is a fun way to countdown the days left of our Summer! 
We are trying to take advantage of each and every one.

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