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Monday, July 2, 2012

June in Photos

morning and empty
on my plate and close-up
sign and hat
drink and six o'clock
my view today and best bit of the weekend
door and art
time and yellow
'out and about' and what's in my bag
where i slept and from a high angle
movement and something cute
where i shop and on my shelf

I participated in taking a photo a day for the month of June hosted by Fat Mum Slim. Find out how to play along for upcoming months here!

The great thing about taking a photo a day is that I can look at all of these photos and recall that particular day with such clarity. I had started a Project 365 last year and I still enjoy those photos and conjure memories of those moments. I had a pretty good run of that project but only made it to the summer months before it fizzled out.

This is just a bit of what our summer has consisted of. We are enjoying late mornings, watching our veggie garden grow, sleepover parties, days in the sun, catching lightning bugs, playing games, watching movies, family time and checking off items from our 100 Things to Do This Summer list.

* I am also making a promise to myself to get back to my camera that takes beautiful photos and stop taking the easy way out by using Instagram all the time! It is so darn convenient though! *

1 comment :

  1. Hello there!
    feel so lucky to have bumped into your lovely blog on a day you shared you whole month...
    I agree with you... Instagram gets us addicted for it's simplicity...
    loved to see all the things you and you family of 8 will be doing this summer... hope you get to do most of it, for it seems pretty fun.
    can't wait to catch up with it all!

    have a great week!!



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