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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sophia made this little Tree of Thanks last night. She wanted to draw a picture of her family for the inside of the frame. She had to redo it three times because someone was always getting cut out of the picture. She finally fit all eight of us inside!

I then helped her write thankful leaves to glue on the tree. She picked them all herself! Made her Mama proud to know her heart is full of thanks for all the wonderful people and things in her life!

The little things I am thankful for today: 

  • a play date with cousins at Grandma's house today
  • taking an unexpected nap with Evangeline while visiting
  • dinner waiting in the crock pot
  • the string of colored lights Mike hung in our living room
  • our thoughtful girls that collectively made their Grandma a present for her birthday tomorrow (without any input from me!)
  • being able to spend another Thanksgiving Day with all of my family

I am also thankful for all the readers that come by and take the time to read my blog! I loved the comments on my Craft Hope: Sock Monkeys post. Thanks!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!

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