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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cute Baby Pics While You Cook

Oh, this sweet baby face! I love her! I thought while everyone is preparing for their yummy Thanksgiving dinners, I would post the photos of Eva turning 8 months! I am currently baking the  Challah bread for my parents' Thanksgiving feast. It smells delish over here!

Evangeline has been pulling herself to standing recently. She wants to start running around with all her older sisters! On this day, she pulled herself up from the floor on my leg and then let go. She probably stood on her own for a total of one second flat. Madelyn was super excited for her and starting shouting and clapping which made Eva a very happy girl.

She loves making noises with her tongue and flapping her hands excitedly during her photo sessions. She has Madelyn behind me trying to make her smile but she winds up giggling and kicking her legs so fast which causes for mostly blurry photos!

Madelyn told her Daddy was coming home soon which made her start saying Dadadadada and shaking her arms around until I thought she was liable to take off flying!

Here she is showing off her choppers! She has two on the bottom and working on her second pair on top. She loves to eat and she really enjoyed the soups I have made recently. A quick mix with a hand blender and I have the perfect first foods for this tiny girl!

After all that modeling, she yawned and decided it was time for a nap! Ah, the life of an 8-month old!

* A special note for my Mom who is cooking a giant meal for 20+ people with the help of my Dad and siblings (on her birthday nonetheless!) Happy Birthday Mom! I can't wait to eat your homemade stuffing tonight. It is the best and so are you! Without you, I would not have become half of the mother I am today. I love you!

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  1. I love Evangeline:) She is so sweet:) (other girls as well). I am from Poland and I do not speak English very well, but I thought that I must comment on some your post, because I just love to watch your photos and read your posts (I think I understand 1 / 3 of them, but it is only by my bad English ;>)... Yours Eva Jasisz :)


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