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Friday, November 18, 2011

Craft Hope: Sock Monkeys

I finished sewing up my two little sock monkeys for Craft Hope's latest project. The deadline is November 24th, which is not only Thanksgiving but my Mom's 60th birthday this year! Big day!!

Grace was very smitten with these monkeys, especially the blue one. She told me blue was her favorite color and she wanted a blue monkey too. I explained how I was sewing these monkeys for children just like her. I said the children were sad because they had lost many things from bad fires in the places where they lived. I told Grace I would be shipping these two monkeys in the mail as soon as I finished them. She nodded.

I told her that we could go pick a pair of pretty blue socks, though, and I would make her a sock monkey too! She was excited about that! Isabella wanted one too, "A rainbow one!"

Gracie watched me piece together the monkey. She said she loved the blue heart so much. She said, "I want a blue heart on my monkey!" She held the little arms and ears for me, waiting for me to finish one piece so she could pass along the next.

Before the blue monkey even had his eyes sewn on, she would hug it and kiss it. She told me she loved this monkey. She said, "He's my best friend, Mom!" 

At last, she started asking if she could keep him. "Please, I want him. I love him. So much! Please, Mom. Really, please. I love this blue guy."

How could I argue with her? She helped me bring this monkey to life! How could I pack it in a box and send it away?

As I sewed on the last eye, I handed over her monkey. In a dreamy voice she said, "Really? Oh, thank you, Mom." She was so very happy and spent the rest of the afternoon with her monkey best friend by her side.

Since my goal was to send two monkeys to Craft Hope for this project, I am going to buy another pair of socks and make a companion to send along with the pink monkey. I will pick up a rainbow pair to sew a "best friend" for Isabella as well!

Again, the deadline for the project is Thanksgiving so there is still some time to send a few monkeys if anyone reading wants to participate! Get all the details here!


  1. First of all Grace is so cute and that ring she is wearing is killer! Also, I want a hope monkey! :D

  2. T H A N K S!!

    The ring Grace was wearing was a gift from Sophia! She got to pick two prizes for "doing her homework" and "blogging" so she picked out two rings to give to Isabella and Grace!

  3. How cute!! I love your added hearts so much. I'm making sock monkeys for Craft Hope as well, in fact I think I might have the same pink striped socks from Target. My daughter has also taken a liking to one monkey, so we're making extras at our house too. : ) I love sharing this project with her. She's three and so far she loves to help with the fluff.

  4. too cute. i was expecting your daughter to have a fit or something by the end when you had to send the little blue monkey away. very glad you decided to let her keep it.


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