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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011



Halloween 2011 was a great one. Our annual Halloween party rocked! Tons of food, pulling together last minute costumes, a spooky house, and...snow? Yes, the first snowfall of the season this past Saturday. Unbelievable! 

There were some amazingly creative costumes from my family this year. SO good. We had an old fashioned doughnut on a string eating contest and I made a Witch Pitch game after seeing it on Pinterest. My sister, Tessa won Most Creative and Best Overall in the costume votes and Sophia won Prettiest Costume with her sparkly, glow-in-the-dark Monarch butterfly wings.

Halloween night sent our twin witches, a pair of super cool rock stars, and a beautiful butterfly into the darkening neighborhood with their Dad, pillowcases in hand, and green glow sticks around their necks. I stayed behind with our bluebird of happiness, handing out candy, chatting with neighbors, keeping Evangeline warm in my jacket and rocking her to sleep. 

There was a lull in between the groups when I could hear the echoes of "Trick or Treat!" voices knocking at distant doorsteps. I wondered where my own trick-or-treaters were and wished them home soon to sweep inside with their laughter, chocolate and tales of childhood Halloween nights. 

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  1. Wow great costumes!! Your post is very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.


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