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Friday, November 11, 2011

Imperfect Perfection

I baked this chicken pot pie the other night. My favorite recipe from my Mom. An "I have leftovers for every meal the next day" kind of favorite. 

The crust was a bit too crumbly so when I put on the top layer it turned into a hot mess. It cracked and I had to piece the edges together. I did not make fancy cut out leaves for the top (although I have on occasions.)

The pie, as ugly as it looked, was delicious. Madelyn and I broke into the imperfect crust in minutes, Evangeline ate the warm insides full of chicken and carrots and peas and potatoes and cream sauce. She loved it! The others ate leftover chicken mixed into chicken salad sandwiches with some butter noodles sprinkled with parmesan on the side.

The kitchen was a mess, fallen noodles were littered under the table, Evangeline would grunt at me each time she wanted another bite of food, the television had not been turned off and was a bit too loud... but still we had a delicious meal together as a family.

Perfect despite its imperfections.

I have been reading several blog posts lately that focus on a disillusionment that some bloggers may give their readers of their "perfect" lives. I know that I like to post about the positive moments in our family life and I assume other bloggers do as well. I do tend to throw in some worst-day-ever posts because I like the reminder that I can not do it all and that is ok.

I am not sure people would be very inspired if I posted photos of my dirty dishes or the giant piles of fabric I have thrown under my bedroom desk or the crying faces when some little one gets hurt. For every beautiful photo I post, there are hundreds I have that aren't.

I don't keep up on laundry most days. I don't have a perfectly clean home. I don't get to read to the girls every night like I would like to. I don't have time to craft/bake/write half of the things on my wish list. I don't even get out of my pajamas some days.

But, this is my life!

Perfect despite its imperfections.

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