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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I woke this morning early to Evangeline coughing. Her breath raspy, her body warm with a mild fever. I knew not much would get done around the house because I would be on the sofa under blankets, nursing her, watching her sleep. I am grateful that I have that choice, to be with them on their sick days to comfort them and make them well again.

Today I grabbed the slow cooker and prepared a pot of southwestern beans. I opened the back door to let the wind rush in and the twins rush out to swing and slide while I sat watching from the dining room chair. My feet propped up, a baby on my chest, dreaming of Halloween costumes I have yet to finish.

Tonight I plan on grilling hot dogs to go with our pot of beans, then roasting marshmallows afterwards. A mid-October picnic which just happens to be my favorite kind.

Much later,  I am heading out for a late night scary movie with my Dad, brothers and sister. I feel a twinge of sadness leaving my tiny girl sick at home but the guilt fades quickly knowing she is home with her Daddy. He is more than capable of making her happy until I return home again. I will miss her all the same.

Happy Tuesday to you all! Hope you are enjoying this perfect October evening!

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