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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Week in Photos 9

Sorry I am a bit late on posting Week 9 of my Project365. Bear with this group of photos because I had a very sick crew this past week and it went by in a hazy blur. When I was downloading the photos I was amazed that they had come from just one short week ago. 

The days were long and the nights were even longer with our sick twins bunking with us and with my pregnancy related carpal tunnel waking me every few hours due to numbness and pain from my wrists up through my arms. I do believe we are on an uphill climb towards recovery now which I could not be happier about!

Here we go for Week 9 in Photos: 

Twins fell asleep early with fevers. An unpleasant night that led to Gracie vomiting on me in bed. The beginning of a very long week.

Worked on sewing and filling my last tote bag for Craft Hope's Project 11. My Mom and sister, Tessa were the other contributors. I packed them and they were shipped out Monday! 

Lana was struck with a sore throat and headache Monday morning. She stayed home from school and cuddled with her sisters watching movies in their pajamas all day.

Tuesday I committed myself to the sofa. We all managed to take a nap together which was the highlight of our day. Otherwise, we were all pretty miserable.

Sophia's 5th birthday was a success even though we had to cancel having our extended family guests attend. She is a giggly, spirited, and creative girl that is a true joy! I hope all her wishes come true!

Mike took our Ikea child set of table and chairs from the shed and put them out on the deck so I could clean them. It is a true sign that warmer weather and outdoor lunches with the girls are just around the bend.

Friday I felt better than I had all week! I spent the day baking bread and cleaning like only a pregnant mama closing in on a birth day can do.  I dusted cobwebs from every corner, dumped out junk drawers to clean, scrubbed the tub, wrote lists of birth supplies, vacuumed, and changed sheets. If my track record didn't prove otherwise, I would have sworn all that nesting would have resulted in labor. 

Alas, the only thing I contracted was a Saturday of feeling tired and very sick again. 

I look forward to a promising new week! 

To view the rest of my Photo 365, find them on Flickr: here!

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  1. Oy Vay! What a hard week. Glad everyone is on the mend. Your children are beautiful!
    Here's wishing you a much healthier, happier, productive week.


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