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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Week in Photos 10

This week was a bit off-kilter to me. It is difficult to be sick when you are a mama. You are just not allowed to shut down and curl up in bed and forget that there is a home with children and a husband that you must tend to. Usually I can manage being sick much better than I have the past couple of weeks. Also, I am thankfully never hit as hard with illness as I have been recently.

Mike is an enormous help as well. He has been doing the grocery shopping and cooking dinners when I have been too exhausted. I am very lucky that I am not in this alone. I think with the girls and myself being sick, Sophia's birthday to arrange, preparations for the home birth, and just being in the last few weeks of my pregnancy has been a bit overwhelming. A lot is going on!

The baby's due date is less than a few weeks away now. I am committing these final weeks to resting, keeping an even keel on the housework so as not to get overloaded, and just spending time as a family before we introduce a new sibling to the mix. I think the girls are almost as anxious to meet their sister as I am!

Here is my 10th week in photos! They are not in any particular order. Just random photos from my camera that I took this week. I noticed that I seemed to take many of the twins. It is always hard for me to let go of the littlest ones when a new baby comes along. I suppose no matter how old our girls get though, they'll always be my babies.

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