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Thursday, March 3, 2011


It has been a rough week. Sickness has spread through our home causing many casualties. On and off again fevers between the twins, sinus infections, coughing, runny noses, sore throats...ugh. No fun. Especially when I am still not feeling well myself and with nights spent caring for feverish little ones, it has left me flat exhausted.

However, birthdays do not wait for perfect conditions! Sophia was thankfully spared the wrath of the sickness and she was excited as could be for her fifth birthday! Unfortunately, we felt it was best to cancel having guests over for our intended party but the festivities still went on!

Sophia had a Tangled party complete with paper crafts I printed and found on the Disney site.  There are all sorts of printables, crafts, recipes and more if you are planning a Tangled birthday party.

My sister created another fab cake for the event. She gave us the chocolate cake for our party per Sophia's request and saved the vanilla one for a night when we are all on the mend and can have a second mini-celebration with the extended family!

I lit the table with candles to emulate the Lantern scene in the Tangled movie.

Our little five year old blew out her candles plus one for good luck...

and waved goodbye to another birthday!

Sophia said she had an "awesome birthday", her taco dinner was "sooo good", the chocolate cake was "yummy but made her too full" and she "loved all her gifts!"

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