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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Week in Photos 8

Eight weeks into the New Year and four more weeks until my estimated due date! I have gone into labor late with two girls, early with one and on my exact date with our twins. 

All of my births have been within a week of my due dates, however. Only time will tell when this little babe will arrive!

Here is week #8 in photos: 

A trip home from the fabric store. The sky was lit up with a fiery sunset. Unfortunately, we do not live on a ranch and had to witness the beauty through tree lined suburban streets. Still.. beautiful. 

We witness this 40-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty’s Arm and Torch when we enter the Please Touch Museum and know it is the beginning of a fun day!

Monday home from school for President's Day. We played endless rounds of Kinder Bunnies which is our new favorite card game!

Tuesday there was a two hour snow delay at school. I allowed the girls to stay home partially because our street was still icy and partially because I just felt like having them all home together.

Tonight while making dinner and gathering dishes, I looked out into the dining room and thought how lucky we are to sit together at the table every night. They may not realize it yet, but they will someday.

Sewing a tote bag that will be stuffed with birthing supplies and send out this weekend to Konbit Sante as part of Craft Hope's Project 11. Yes, I was sewing only by the light of the machine. I was so absorbed in what I was doing,  I didn't even realize the dark room until Madelyn called me on it.

Stormy end to our week. Outside, rain, thunderstorms and winds gusting to 60 mph. Inside, Isabella was sick with a fever and cough but seemed better before falling asleep early tonight. I had a slight headache but mostly from being tired. I still plan to play a round of Phase 10 with Mike and the girls before bedtime, however. 

Also, Madelyn's injured finger seems much better now and we have canceled the x-ray appointment. 

Just a reminder that no matter how stormy life may get, the sun will always return. 

To view the rest of my Photo 365, find them on Flickr: here!

May your weekend be full of sunshine! 

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  1. Olivia, what a gorgeous little U/S! I am hoping for a smooth delivery for you, and a healthy little babe. That museum looks AWESOME!.


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