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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Week in Photos 4

This week has been crazy! There has been canceled days from school, mountainous igloos of snow, endless laundry, lots of games of Phase 10, and soups and fires to keep us warm! 

It is a shame that so many adults have lost their childlike wonder for Winter and the snow that accompanies it. All the complaints of shoveling, the work commute, finding sitters for children home from school. I guess I am at an advantage because I do not have to worry about such nuisances. I stay home, curled up under blankets with the little ones, watching the snow fall and wishing it could just last forever.

Here are my photos from Week 4. Enjoy!

This is Isabella showing off her perler bead Turtle. She gets so proud of herself when she fills in a template for me to iron!

 These are tiny candles that Madelyn bought for me at a holiday fair at her school. They cost her $.25 each. But, it doesn't really take much to make me happy!

Monday morning snuggling under a blanket together. I crawled under the covers with them as soon as I was done taking this photo.

Mmm.. maple cinnamon granola with dried apricots and slivered almonds. Pure love!
Bonus: the house smelled delicious all day long!

My secret to potty-training, Hershey kisses! Each time the twins have a successful trip to the bathroom they get three kisses, two chocolate ones and one from Mama. I have been rewarding myself with the caramel ones because potty-training twins is no easy feat.

Big snow storm! The aftermath of that snowstorm a seemingly endless pile of wet snow gear and boots. School was canceled and Mike was home during the day. He shoveled snow from the time he woke up until that evening when he had to work a night job. He never complained about it even once.  

Our newest craze, the card game Phase 10. It has certainly kept us entertained this week. These are Gracie's hands. She was Madelyn's helper and got to hold the cards that were planned for the discard pile. She took her job very seriously.

Stay warm, friends! For the rest of my Photo 365, you can find them on Flickr here.

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