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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let It Snow

Last night, we got a big snowstorm piling almost a foot of snow on top of what had already landed earlier in the day. My husband and I stayed up late watching a movie and around 1 in the morning, we peeked outside to take a few photos.

The neighborhood was quiet and dark (with the exception of our white snowflake lit tree and deck rail). The snow was still falling and the landscape was a gorgeous blanket of white. 

I love snow! Schools were closed today and I watched from my sofa as my husband and the other men in the neighborhood worked together to clear sidewalks and dig out parking spots. The kids climbed and conquered giant piles of snow, built caves and had snowball fights. 

Of course, it is all fun and games until someone gets a snowball in the face. 

I consider myself lucky though, to be the one inside to dry their tears, be on wet clothes duty and have a big pot of hot chocolate simmering on the stove to warm their tummies...just in time for them to go outside to brave the cold once again.

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  1. Olivia, I really like your pictures! I just found this blog via... actually I don´t really know anymore. Somehow I landed here and I am looking forward to reading your posts! Greetings from Germany, Nicole.


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