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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Week in Photos 3

I completely intended on blogging more this week however I got distracted by perler beads. Lots of them. It seems I spent most of my time picking them up from the floor, under the sofa and dining room table, beneath throw rugs and every other crevice you could imagine they could possibly sneak into.

If I wasn't cleaning them up, I was ironing the girls' creations. Even the twins were crafty this week! They usually created the multi-colored ones but were very focused when they were working on them. These are only some of their masterpieces. Some will be turned into magnets and some have already been designated for gifts.

Now on to my Week #3 in Photos.

This was Saturday, the beginning of our run of crafty days! Isabella was making a bracelet for herself. I loved the concentration she put into stringing each carefully picked bead.

Perler bead creations by Madelyn. The background was uninteresting so I desaturated the photo and color selected the hearts. I added the words "You hold my heart in the palm of your hand" and am using it as my Valentine computer desktop. You can find that photo here if you would like to download one for yourself.

Sophia playing a game next to me on the sofa. There was an ice storm this morning which caused a 2-hour school delay. I did not want to risk my big belly slipping on ice taking them to school so I made the decision to keep them home. We crafted and played games into the night hours.

My newly acquired, used books from my sister. She plans on giving 90% of her possessions away. Since my plan this year is to organize and minimize my "stuff", I am not sure why I decided to take them. But, I do love books so.

The sun was out and the ice was just beginning to melt today. Another storm threat would have the deck covered again by Friday.

My Isabella has a not-so-secret crush on my pregnant belly. She is constantly pulling up my shirt to lay her hands and face on it. She tells me she is kissing the baby.

More snow this morning! Only about an inch but enough to have the schools on a two-hour delay again. I thought our school district would be tougher than that considering the snow totals we have had in the past. For us, one inch of snow is equal to a summer day!

For the rest of my Photo 365, find them on Flickr here. Add me as a contact, if you'd like. It's okay. I like friends!

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