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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Week in Photos 5

This week was hectic. Madelyn's 10th birthday was yesterday (a decade old already!) and I was cleaning house and preparing decorations up until the minute guests walked in for the party! 

My husband had a strange work schedule, forcing him to work some of his jobs at night but also having obligations during the day. Needless to say, without him around at night to occupy the troops, my job this week seemed slow at best. 

We managed to pull off a fun "Chinese New Year" themed party and it made me realize that all the little details that I never got around to completing did not really matter for the end result. Madelyn was happy and we had a great time! I'll have to remember that this week when I am preparing for Lana's party. 

On to this week's photos! Five weeks since the beginning of the new year already? 

Saturday night, book club night for us ladies. The men stole our table and set up a Heroscape game for the beginning half of the night. 

Some of the girls inside the igloo their Dad built for them. Mike actually took this photo because our backyard has a hill I was unwilling to climb down to take the photo.

My twins I get to snuggle between before bed. I let them sleep in bed with me this night because Mike was working late and I wanted the company. There are very few days left that I will be able to spend time with them like this after the new baby arrives. 

 Tonight I was so tired I actually got into bed before realizing I had not taken a photo all day! I ran downstairs and snapped the first thing I saw, these string of star lights that hang in the entryway to our dining room. I love seeing them lit at night. 

Hot cocoa, anyone? With strawberry heart marshmallows, how could anyone resist?

 My 10 year old baby. It was quite the celebration! I consider myself lucky to have had this extraordinary girl in my life for the past decade. 

Morning after party antics by Sophia! She ran around with a handful of balloons, giggling manically at the way the static electricity made her hair stand on end.

For the rest of my Photo 365, you can find them on Flickr here

Also, stay tuned for photos from Madelyn's Chinese New Year themed birthday party! The cakes my sister made for the party were simply amazing!

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