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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Oh yes, it's off to a splendid start!

On Saturday morning, the newest addition to our family arrived. Caleb was born, 9 lbs 1 oz, 22 inches long and handsome as ever. Our five girls are enamored over their new cousin, especially the status of his gender.

A boy baby?!

He is quite the fascination in this family of all female children!

On Father's Day,  we had an entire sandy day planned at the beach but I had been recovering from a 2 day migraine. By late in the day, I felt 90% better and on a spontaneous decision, we decided to meet with my family in Ocean City for a pizza dinner at Mack and Manco's.

We took an after hour walk along the beach. With the sun setting and the breeze from the ocean, it was quiet and beautiful and just about perfect.

Oh! And my letter from the Envelope Project arrived in Australia! Go visit Meet Me At Mike's for Day 9 of the project and see if you can you spot it? Don't forget there are still 4 weeks left of the Envelope Project so there is plenty of time left to join in!


  1. What precious photos!

    Going to go catch up and find out about the envelope project. Sound interesting...

  2. Great pictures! So adorable kids and nice beach. I love it.


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