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Friday, June 18, 2010

First Summer Night

Tonight was our first night of summer vacation! What better way to celebrate than with a fiery charcoal grill to roast marshmallows for our gooey S'mores! 
The girls were aflutter with ideas and dreams of our upcoming months. I do hope that most of them come true!
We're looking forward to sleeping late, our Friday Movie Nights, lots of roasted tomato sauce made with our homegrown tomatoes...and fresh pesto! I want to eat pesto until the first changing leaves of Autumn appear! 
This gorgeous basil plant from my favorite farmer's market for $1 will certainly aid in my pesto feast!

We are putting together our new summer list of 100 things,  of swimming, finding new places to explore, reading books together, laughing until out bellies hurt and playing until we are so exhausted that Daddy needs to carry the little ones to bed.

But for tonight it was marshmallows and melting chocolate between graham crackers. 
It was sneaking out the back gate to gather with the neighborhood children!

And it was chasing lightning bugs through clover to fill our jelly jars and our hearts with the promise of another stellar summer!

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  1. What a fun night!! And your girls are gorgeously happy looking!

    We just finished our Summer to do list. Thanks for the initial inspiration behind it!


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