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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Roller skating!

We bought Madelyn a pair of white Chicago roller skates! They arrived yesterday and they were wrapped and given to her as a gift. No, it wasn't her birthday. They were a gift as a thank you for saving Sophia's life.

On Father's Day, we had stopped by Grandma Coral's house to swim in the pool. Sophia had been secure in a little boat and the older girls were drying off nearby. I had changed from my bathing suit and guests had arrived on their way to Ocean City to see if we would be joining them.

We were chatting and our attentions were momentarily drawn away from the pool.

Sophia, trying to step out of her boat to the steps, had slipped and fell backwards into the pool. She did have a life vest on but she still had dipped down below the surface, frightened. Sophia had called for help and Madelyn instantly jumped into the pool, lifted Sophia's head above the surface and carried her up the steps to dry land.

Just one moment is all it takes for your life to change forever. One single moment. Drowning is my greatest fear and a nightmare that we would never recover from.

Although I may be over reacting to this particular event, it is always better to be safer than sorry. I should never have taken my eyes off the girls when they were around the pool. Not for one second!

And it is just that one moment of distraction that can be the destruction of all that is good in your life.

So please make sure to have a set of adult eyes on children in the pool or ocean at all times!

We thank goodness that Madelyn was calm and quick thinking in her rescue of Sophia. Sophia had some protection with her life vest but the situation could have been more drastic had Madelyn not been there to notice.

So because of her kick-ass rescue, we bought her roller skates and our everlasting gratitude.

She's already planning to become a roller-derby queen for sure.

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