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Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Projects

This is the beginning of a picnic blanket I have been dreaming of. A picnic blanket to fit all seven of us and then some. So far it is exactly as I envisioned, minus the slow process of piecing it together.

After hours, when all bodies are still and dreaming; the house is fairly clean and so very quiet, is the time when I can sneak in some project time. I started this last night, stretching out the rows to pin together and sew.

I could only imagine how frustrating a project like this would be during daylight hours with two sets of little feet stomping on the perfectly lined rows, or queries about lunch, or rooms exploding with toys while Mama was focused on something else.

I am sometimes questioned about "how I find the time to craft with five children" and I won't lie and say it is easy. It is in these after hour moments or stolen pockets of time when Daddy takes all the girls outside for bike riding or ice cream that I can quickly cut out letters for a new summer banner or plot out designs for cute newborn onesies.

There is also the art of multi-tasking. Crocheting while Lana reads us a story, taking measurements for dresses between diaper changes, or jotting down ideas for summer crafts while making dinner. It may be a slower process than for others, but it's okay.

I would much rather spend my time painting tiny fingernails, playing card games, baking brownies or dreaming up new flavors of ice cream. All the crafting that gets done in between is simply the cherry on top!

And if I spent all my time worrying over projects, where would I find the time to lounge on the deck on a beautiful summer day, watching the girls invent new dance routines to Katy Perry songs?

Enjoy the holiday weekend!  
See you next week!

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