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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st - Lunch

It was barely 60 degrees on this first day of October! For some that may seem terribly chilly, but I find it just about perfect!

We put on our long sleeves and slipper socks and grabbed a few blankets to spend lunch outside.

As usual, the girls were more than willing to goof around for Mama's camera.

Isabella's trademark smile

Gracie with a mouthful of cheesy pasta

Sweet Sophia

Isabella showing off her lunch

Slipper socks! What would I do without them?

...and a big session of after-lunch art!

How did you spend your 1st day of October? I hope it was as delicious as ours!


  1. I made a pumpkin pie while I waited in queue for Winter Grasp on World of Warcraft!

  2. I love Isabella's smile! Your kids are so cute.

  3. 60 degrees sounds perfect for me! We finally are getting a bit of a chill in the air here, I'm ready for winter! I made cinnamon rolls, and them promptly ate most of them :)


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