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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Have You Hugged Your iMac Today?

For days I worried, wringing my hands and waiting for his unharmed return. I hoped for a safe trip; concerned that he would be sleeping overnight in a strange place. Broken and alone.

I was anxious for the news! Would we lose all that we have saved over the past 3 years? What would we do?? How would we recover??

O.k., so I'm being just a bit overdramatic.

Three days ago I had commented on Twitter that I thought my iMac had caught the swine flu. I was attempting to be funny but my computer was definitely not it's usually perky self. It was lethargic and the screen saver was continuously freezing, forcing me to shut down and reboot the computer. The images were sputtering and lines would show up, distorting the picture.

Just after making that prophetic comment on Twitter, I left the room and the screen saver unfortunately froze, once again. On reboot this time, I was greeted by a huge vertical lined pink and white screen with little dancing green horizontal lines.

Not the kind of art display I
ever want to see.

My computer just curled up, pulled the blanket over its screen and settled in for a long winter's nap. It wouldn't load past the Apple logo screen.

After taking it away to be fixed, (And, yes... they really ARE Mac Geniuses) my iMac is back in place with all its data intact!

(*insert me hugging my computer then clapping uncontrollably here!)

Apparently, the video card was busted and still under warranty, so it was replaced with no cost to us! Unless you consider the cost of us worrying we had lost all the photos we had saved from baby Sophia on. Ugh!

My first order of business is to buy an external hard drive to store all of our photos and important documents for the future. Probably a purchase that is long overdue.

Second, order pizza in and start catching up on a couple days worth of blogs. ;)


  1. I really feel for you! I would be very worried about my Mac too if he were ill.

    Glad that your baby is at home and that all is well again. ;)


  2. ug. this happened to me back in march.
    glad you and mr mac are recovered!


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