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Monday, August 17, 2009

Seashells on the Seashore

We spent Sunday on a family trip to the seashore! Our sandy day was spent on the beach of Stone Harbor, NJ. We invited Aunt Tessa, Grandma Coral, Uncle Steve and cousin Selina! I am sure everyone would agree it was a super fun day!

Gracie charming her Mama

Stone Harbor was where my husband and I would stay when we were dating! It is a smaller, quieter beach with no boardwalk (gasp!) but there is a town with little shops and places to eat just a few blocks from the beach.

It was nice to visit again since we seemed to have traded in Stone Harbor for Ocean City when the little ones came along.

Isabella drinks from her Foogo stainless steel sippy cup

After I had just about enough of the sun and wondering how I became affixed to the blanket; the uncool Mom that won't go in the ocean to play anymore, we left to have dinner in
Ocean City at the busiest pizza place on the boardwalk, Mack and Manco's!

Sophia loving the sand a bit too much

Oh, and it's official now. Lana has proclaimed that she collects seashells. She counted 57 and wrote it down on a piece of paper for me so that she "will never, ever forget."

I truly hope she will remember, but not only that number of shells in her collection.

I hope all my girls remember the sand castles built, those ocean waves their Dad carried them a bit too far into, the giggles and the warm sun on their skin, and their bellies full to bursting with pizza and cotton candy at the end of "the best day ever"!

How are you enjoying these last lazy days of summer?


  1. Each one of your girls is so cute! I especially love the first picture of the little blue suited girl, looking at the ocean, beach toys in hand, adorable!

    Sounds like a great weekend!!

  2. your girls are just gorgeous!
    i love the first photo!


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