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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Circle Of Friends

Fisher Price Little People
I love the world of blogs! It is my tiny bit of downtime each day and I am grateful for that. I have been writing MooMama for about 8 months now and have met some truly wonderful people!

Toni Brockliss, from Little Suitcase (or formerly Modern Day Pioneers), is one of those people that I am happy to have met! I find it wonderous that I can communicate instantly with a woman living with her "3 rays of sunshine" all the way across the world in Australia!

Toni nominated me for
The Circle of Friends Award! My first blog award! Thank you, Toni!

Circle of Friends Award
I have to list 5 things I would like to do and then pass it along to 5 others.

Here goes:

  1. I would like to start filling up some of the endless blank journals collecting dust on my shelves.
  2. I would like to make a killer risotto.
  3. I would like to finish reading Infinite Jest but feel it may end up as bad book clutter.
  4. I would like to actually complete a project before starting a new one. (this is almost impossible for me)
  5. I would like to press a fast forward button to Autumn...brisk weather perfect for sweater wearing, the smell of wood burning, the rustle of wind in color drenched trees, pumpkins and Halloween parties... ah, yes. Soon, very soon.
I pass this award along to:
  1. Erin at Perfect Sentiment
  2. Maegan at A Little Twig Birdhouse
  3. Nicola at WhichName?
  4. SaraSophia at Tout-Est-Des-Roses
  5. Amanda Oaks & Jenn Gibson at kindovermatter


  1. What lovely things to say. Thank you so much. You are also a ray of sunshine.
    PS - are you going to do the Rachel and Elsie Autumn class? I think I will.

  2. I can make killer risotto. It's one of the only dishes I'm fantastic at. I learned from a chef at a restuarant I used ot work at, who we said, "Could make delicious risotto out of an old shoe."
    ;) E-mail me if you want some tips!
    (And congrats, sweetheart!)

  3. Thank you! :-) And both of my kiddos loved your Little People circle. It through a Little People craving on them and our afternoon was taken care of: We played zoo/farm with our peeps.

  4. thank you! how thoughtful! i am honored.
    i love your answers! i am going to have to think about this one!


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