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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Great Kindness Challenge

Tomorrow marks the day Kids for Peace present The Great Kindness Challenge!

Their goal this year is to have over one million children participate to inspire a lifelong commitment to service and kindness!

Here is a free downloadable
Challenge Checklist with some great ideas!

Some of my favorites from the list include:

  • Walk or Bike instead of driving
  • Leave a flower on someone's doorstep
  • Cut out 10 hearts and leave them on 10 cars
  • Write a happy message with sidewalk chalk
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Compliment 5 people
I created a "Free Compliment" flyer that you can view and download below.

We plan to hang them on the community mailboxes in our neighborhoods! They could also be hung in libraries or grocery stores that have community bulletin boards!

Who wouldn't love a free compliment this weekend?

*Spread a bit of kindness this weekend with your family and then submit the photos, videos or stories of your kind deeds to The Great Kindness Challenge!

Find some more inspiration here:

Operation Nice - Leave a Nice Note! : Download and create your own nice notes!

kindovermatter - Card Drops
: Check out the card drops and download their most recent Garden Cards.

Download my favorite PDF of Free Kindness Cards that I created!

Have a Fantastic Friday and Wonderful Weekend!


  1. I also posted a link to the Kindness Challenge in my blog yesterday. The girls and I have been out this morning doing several kind things already. Looking forward to reading about what you do.

    Enjoy the day,

  2. Just awesome. Will be following your lead.

  3. This is wonderful. You are amazing.
    PS - there is an award for you on my blog.

  4. Thank you! I love this and the printer is cranking even as I type.

  5. Love this idea - I think South Africa could do with some love this week. Thanks you.


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