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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 7- Kids Room Cleanup!

Day 7 and counting! I had every intention to march into the girls' rooms this morning and take charge of the clutter but my baby Gracie had other plans. She is running a fever and wanted me to be near her.

My accomplishments today consisted of a bit of light cleaning and a much needed fish tank scrubbing. Oh, and I also made a sick little girl a little bit happier.

I would have to check that as being at the top of my list of accomplishments for the day.

Here is what is on the agenda for tomorrow:

The Game Closet -

The Girls' Bedroom Closet -

The Playroom -

Since I don't have any tips to share today, here are just a few links to others joining in SimpleMom's Spring Cleaning Party:


  1. You did something more important than Spring cleaning! When they need us, they need us and those are the moments we don't get back. Thanks for the plug on your blog.

  2. Beautiful kids room!! Fish tank is absolutly gorgeous... Game closet looks pretty...

  3. Love that fish tank, looks so pretty!


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