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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 8 - The Kids' Rooms cont...

I had much to do with the girls' bedroom closet. I had been throwing Winter clothes out of their dressers and into the closet to make room for Spring/Summer clothes. Now, it was time to straighten this mess out!

What I did:

  • Sorted the clothes by size and put into boxes to be stored.
  • All the winter boots and accessories were also put into a box for next year.
  • Unused items (A Boppy, a newborn hamper and receiving blankets) were also put away...wishful thinking, perhaps. I unfortunately suffer from a bad case of Someday Syndrome.
  • Yes, that is a dresser in the closet! I put all the twins' clothing in this dresser. The dresser was purged of Winter clothing and outgrown items and replaced with their new Spring/Summer clothing of the appropriate size. Much neater and organized now!
  • Now that there was room on the top shelf of the closet, I moved some of the games from the playroom that were not suitable for the little ones and put it away from their tiny grasp.


Here are the pictures of the refreshed game cabinet. After freeing up two shelves of games to the girls' bedroom closet, the remaining shelves are now home to:
  • age-appropriate games for the little ones
  • two boxes of blocks that had originally sat on the playroom floor
  • all the puzzles from the bookshelves downstairs as well as the shelves in the playroom!


I am certainly not done with my Spring Cleaning in the Kids rooms but I must save the rest for another day! My babies have had enough time without Mommy's attention and there is a big pile of laundry with my name plastered all over it!

Although I did not complete these rooms, I am not discouraged. I made a lot of progress! Tomorrow starts Day 9 of the Spring Cleaning Party hosted by SimpleMom! We take on the Master bedroom (yikes!).


  1. Great job! I love that so many of the pictures I see include the same kids games that I have. I guess mine aren't the only ones who love those.

  2. GREAT JOB! I love the before & after pics! Your house is going to feel so great!

  3. Great job on the kids room. That's the only problem with having twins, double the clothes, double the laundry. Have fun!

  4. That looks amazing! Great job. :-)


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