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Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 6- Spring Cleaning the Bathrooms!

Monday already? We declared soap scum be gone today and continued our Spring Cleaning Party, hosted by SimpleMom, in the bathrooms!

I have one and a half baths. The half bathroom was a cinch and just needed a general cleaning with some extra time spent cleaning the door and woodwork. Not much to declutter. The full bath was next!

First, I removed the shower curtain and liner, the bath mat and any used towels/washcloths and threw them into the washing machine to be cleaned. By the end of the cleaning session, they will be clean and ready to freshen up the sparkly bathroom.

Next, I moved everything from the tub and linen closet to the top of the sink cabinet in order to start with a clean slate. The tub was scrubbed and the shower head, curtain rod and faucet were cleaned and
left shiny and disinfected with a touch of rubbing alcohol!

I am always taking a shower with some sort of bath toy under foot! Not only is it dangerous but when the toys sit in the water instead of being dried off they tend to get mildewed.

I recently saw this Ladybug Bath Toy Scoop from Boon Inc. and decided that it will be mine as soon as I have some time to make a Target run. Hopefully, it will solve my bath toy dilemma.

Here is a tip for eliminating soapy, soggy washcloths from your life. I bought each of the older girls their own mesh bath sponge. They each get a different color and we attached them to the back of the shower wall using tiny suction cups. When the girls are done washing, they rinse them out and hang them back up to dry. Perfect!

For the toilets, I used a homemade cleanser that SimpleMom mentions in her e-book, Spring Cleaning for Normal People. It worked well!

Another simple method to clean the toilet is to drop a couple of antacid tablets in the toilet, let them fizz while cleaning other areas of the bathroom, then scrub and flush!

I also cleaned the cabinets above the toilet. I purged outdated and unused items. Then, I took bulky items in boxes, like the cotton swabs, and placed them in little jars to make more space.



Moving on the the linen closet! The container of bath toys were cleaned out and paired down. The baskets were home to fresh hand towels and washcloths; all the fitted sheets were refolded and grouped together with their corresponding flat sheets.

I enlisted the help of this video on folding fitted sheets. It helped... but it would have helped even more if that guy had just visited my house for the day and did my sheets for me.



Now the sink, mirrors and under the sink cabinets! I have many containers that I bought from Ikea and with my handy label maker created neat storage for items. Much neater now!

One last trick worth mentioning is to keep a timer in the bathroom! Growing up in a large family, if we decided to daydream while taking a shower, the last few people would only get cold water. Set the timer for an appropriate time, I allow the girls ten minutes, and when that timer goes off it is time to get out!

Day 7 & 8 will be spent in the Kids Rooms! I am cringing already.


  1. Good job! I love your closed containers you used under the sink! We have so many soaps, shampoos etc and they take up so much space! It would be great if I could stack them - the closed bins are perfect!

    with 5 girls and only one full bath you really need a good organization system! I have one daughter (who actually, for now, showers in our bathroom off the master bedroom) and 2 sons (cleaning bathrooms after boys is really one of my least favorite chores!).

  2. LOL, when I read about the bath toys being at foot when taking a shower. Can totally relate. The ladybug looks like a good,cute alternative.


  3. Can I just are my hero?!?!?!
    I have neither the ambition nor the patience to tackle my house.

    Good luck with the kids rooms.

  4. Just came across this bathroom spring cleaning post. I am curious about the colours in the bathroom. Do you happen to know what they are called? I love them!



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