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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Bird Feeder Craft

When I was little, my Dad would be in charge of making our homemade pizzas. We would all gather around rolling out the dough, spreading on the sauce, adding the toppings (and sneaking as much grated cheese as possible)! Now, my girls love to help Grandpop when we are visiting and pizza is on the menu!

The girls love to make homemade pizzas at home also! I usually make a big batch of pizza dough, enough for about three. I used one third to make a our dinner, one third was rolled out and twisted into knots to freeze for later, and the last part I decided to make some tasty treats for the birds.

This was a perfect opportunity to teach the older girls how to braid! We rolled out 9 strips of dough, braided them, and then pinched the ends to make 3 mini bread loaves. Baked at 350 degrees until golden, then cooled, spread with peanut butter and coated in birdseed.

I hope all the birds outside creating their nests enjoyed the snack we made for them!


  1. You have very lucky birds and squirrels! It sure looks yummy.

  2. Up until you put those seeds on it, I would have eaten it.


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