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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Target How Do I Love Thee

This Sunday morning over my cup of coffee and an unfortunate headache, I read the store advertisements for the week. I noticed that Target, in honor of Earth Week, had made their ad from 50% recycled fiber!

I'm sure it will sound silly that I was actually captivated by a store flyer, but I truly enjoyed their ad this week and must admit if I could set up camp in Target's Seasonal aisle, I most certainly would.

Among their sales, they listed facts on what Target stores are doing to help environmentally. I am a sucker for statistics so here they are:
  • Target was one of the first large retailers to commit to the practice of reducing, reusing and recycling through energy efficiencies, waste reduction and green building practices.
  • 20% of Target stoes use 2-bulb instead of 4-bulb fixtures, providing a 10% energy savings without decreasing light
  • Target is installing ultra-low-flow faucets which are 80% more efficient than traditional faucets.
  • 400,000 pounds of petroleum-based packaging was eliminated by switching to PLA (polylactic acid) packaging in SuperTarget bakeries and deli areas. PLA packaging is a non-petroleum-based plastic made from corn.
  • 983,000,000 pounds of cardboards were recycled by Target in 2007.
  • 700 organic foods are offered at SuperTarget stores, including produce.
  • 47,600 broken shopping carts were recycled or refurbished in 2007.
  • 411,000,000 Target hangers were reused in 2007, plus they recycled 1,900,000 lbs. of plastic from broken hangers.
  • 1.4 million pounds of obsolete electronic equipment was recycled as of 2006.
  • They offer a GiftCard made from 40% recycled materials. AND, the RedCycled GiftCard can be reloaded so it gives again and again.
  • 1,370,920 tons of CO2 have been saved through efforts by Target and other Together partners.
Wow Target! Thanks for making my morning a little bit brighter! Now if only this pesky headache would disappear, I could go and grab one of the million reusable bags Target is giving away with every purchase today!

For more information on what Target is doing for the environment, click here.

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