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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finger Painting

We had a big finger painting session after dinner tonight! The girls were very timid artists at first. They used cute little finger brushes, sponges and foam stamps. They drew pretty houses and delicately dipped to spell out their names.

It wasn't long before all their cautions were thrown into the windy night, however. The roller brush came barreling in, colors got mixed, accusations of paint hoarding were thrown around, washcloths turned black with mistakes, and Mom almost lost her patience. Almost.

Casualties included the dining room table, 4 of the 8 chair covers, the sliding glass door handle, both the kitchen AND the bathroom sink, one unsuspecting wall and every last ounce of what Sophia was wearing. Sigh. I suppose they all needed a good cleaning anyway.

Really..what good is a finger painting session if you can’t get your hands a little messy?

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