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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Insect Lore Butterflies

Guess what lovely creatures showed up on my doorstep last week? Painted Lady caterpillars of course!

Last year, Lana received a Butterfly Garden with a coupon to send away for live caterpillars. After they arrived, we watched them grow bigger and bigger each day! Within a week, they crawled to the top of the container to form their chrysalises.

We carefully put them inside their "house" and waited patiently until they began to emerge as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies! A few days after their metamorphosis, we took a trip to the park to release them!

The girls had such a great time caring for and watching the caterpillars turn into butterflies that I decided to order a new kit at Insect Lore.

Insect Lore’s website is full of fun things to learn and explore! They have all different kits to choose from
and learning curriculum to coincide with each one!

get to learn and care for creatures that exist in our own backyards... and have fun doing it! Insect Lore has earthworm nurseries, anthills, little ladybug lands, and so much more! Hmm, I think a frog hatchery just may be on our Spring To Do list this year.

*If you are interested in ordering from Insect Lore, type WEB5 at checkout in the Bonus Gifts Code box to receive 5% off your total purchase!

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