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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 Photos

We started the night off with a big planting session! My Mom had organized pots and dirt with Marigold Scarlet Starlets for the girls to plant! Sophia was expecting them to sprout immediately but she will have to be patient.

My Dad recently bought a Black and Decker Power Monitor. We learned that the house went from expending $.41 an hour down to $.07 an hour during Earth Hour. The reason behind the $.07 that remained in the darkness was from vampire energy.

Vampire energy is all the electricity that plugged-in home electronics and appliances suck out of the power grid even when we are not using them. I figured that just this $.07 an hour of energy, from things not even in use, would cost my parents a little over $613 a year! Amazing!

Here are the before and after photos of the house and garage.

During Earth Hour, we enjoyed Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses and a Blackout Cake by candlelight and ended playing Ouija Board. Apparently the spirits weren't with us last night, but we certainly had a good time despite it.

Hope everyone that participated enjoyed their hour in the dark! Thanks for Voting Earth! Check out other pictures from around the world on this Flickr group or on SmugMug.

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