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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Case FOR Breastfeeding

There has been a buzz recently about an article published in The Atlantic by Hanna Rosin, The Case Against Breastfeeding. I generally don’t judge people’s preferences on this topic. I chose to breastfeed. Some people don’t.

I wonder why Rosin must justify her reasons behind choosing formula by kicking breastfeeding mothers down a notch? Maybe Rosin could have directed her article towards evidence that formula is a wiser choice. I didn’t feel she gave her audience much of an argument. She certainly did not give me a reason to decide against breastfeeding or to falter in my opinion that I am giving my babies the best start to life.

I tandem nursed my two oldest. I have breastfed every baby immediately after their home births. I currently breastfeed the twins. I have shared a bed with all my babies and can truly say my husband and I have never lost a night of sleep over it (well, maybe one or two). I have never put the babies on a feeding schedule. They eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. My milk is free, always at temperature, never needs to sterilized or mixed, and I can take it with me anywhere I go! I’ve nursed in parking lots, in amusement parks, at birthday parties, in parks, at friend’s homes, in restaurants, in my backyard, at school events and in the audience of dance recitals!

When Rosin commented in her article that, “..when people say that breast-feeding is “free,” I want to hit them with a two-by-four. It’s only free if a woman’s time is worth nothing”, I shook my head in disbelief! I’d have to respond that I’m more than willing to spend my time nursing my babies; it’s the best to my knowledge that I can offer them! So how can I ever put a price on that?”

If you are interested in supporting mothers who breastfeed, you can write a letter to the editor of The Atlantic. There is a premade letter with talking points that you can add or edit to get this important message across. Don’t let a woman’s choice to breastfeed go misrepresented in the media once again!


  1. Wow - what an article! Like you, it certainly wouldn't turn me off from breastfeeding. She focuses way too much on the health benefits of breastmilk (which are many!) and totally leaves out the emotional aspect. That women are meant to breastfeed - when they do the hormone relaxin takes over and allows the new mother to take a few moments to destress. Breastfeeding physically helps moms recover after the birth of a baby and offers health benefits to not just baby but mom too!

    The negatives of breastfeeding are loss of "modesty, independence, career and sanity"?????? Only if you let them be!

    Wow - I am floored. I honestly thought my days of being a lactovist were over - I breastfed all three of my children for a total of 54 months. My youngest weaned over a year ago, and I stopped going to La Leche meetings about 9 months ago. I thought I was done with that part of my life - that it wouldn't bother me to read that article. Boy was I wrong!

  2. I also wrote a response to her "Case", taking on the feminist side of things. "Equal" does not mean "the same", which Rosin seems to forget. If she resents that the corporate, working world doesn't support breastfeeders, perhaps she should attack THAT instead of the natural process of women's bodies. How feminist is that?!

  3. She didn't choose formula though-she's too afraid to stop breastfeeding I guess because she sees it mainly as a badge of good parenting. So although she dislikes breastfeeding, she's still doing it. I wonder about the mixed signals she's probably sending her baby. Unfortunately an article like that will probably do a lot of damage to views of breastfeeding. Many people will be swayed by her arguements that the science behind breastfeeding is shoddy and exagerated. Why are you only a feminist if you are completely liberated from your body's normal functions? She's doing the very thing she distains so much in others-all women who like breastfeeding and being around their babies all/most of day and feel more fulfilled being at home are looked down on by people like her. We're attached to our vaccumes (both babies and actual vacuumes!) with no time to accomplish "real" things in life. I'm not expressing this as well as I'd like, too tired, but you get the picture)


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