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Saturday, March 31, 2012

This and That

It has been a bit messy around here lately. We had a bout with a 24 hour stomach virus that passed through the lot of us, with the exception of Mike and Evangeline. After many extra loads of laundry from unfortunate hazards of the sickness, my washing machine took its own turn for the worse and the motor quit.

Doesn't it seem like major expenses always occur right around tax return time. *sigh*

We thankfully had the money to quickly buy a new washer, though. A few days without cleaning laundry around here would be a fate I would rather not discuss. A monster pile of clothes can accumulate from just one nightly change into pajamas!

My washer is super cool and I feel like I have been thrown into an episode of The Jetsons. It lights up and auto sensors the load for me. It even sings me a little robotic tune at the end of the cycle to let me know it is done and ready for drying.

Now, if only it could cook us breakfast in the morning. Tsk, no such luck.

We also got a great deal on it by going to a Sears Outlet store first. One almost unnoticeable scratch in the front and a slight scrape on the side (which is hidden against the dryer!) and we got a $400 discount off its original price. Huzzah!

Besides those couple of gloomy days, we have been enjoying many birthdays this month! Our Evangeline turned ONE! There is her first ever birthday cake pictured above.

Actually, her FIRST cake was on the day she was born. We all sang Happy Birth Day to her and sat around my bedroom snacking mid-afternoon. Believe me, it was a dreamy day. I had just given birth and got to have a sweet-smelling baby nursing in my bed with a breeze coming in the window and family feeding me a giant plate of cake. Love! I swear Evangeline had a smile on her face even then!

I have also been continuing my pursuits for a "lighter" house. I have two more bags for donations sitting in my walk-in closet (that I can now finally WALK in). I have to schedule a new appointment for pickup soon.  I think I am up to a total of 10 bags/boxes donated. I honestly do not miss one thing that left the house, either. I am content in knowing someone else will be able to use what I have not been using.

Spring cleaning is hitting full stride. I tackled the living room and kitchen this week and I think I may take them on for a second round next week. I have also been slowly swapping out Winter for Spring clothing which is a huge project. With the temperamental weather we have been having lately, I still need to keep some warmer outfits around. It is a bit annoying and I am looking forward to having all the boxes hidden away back in the attic soon.

Otherwise, I woke up today and realized I have a bit over a week to plan Easter for the girls. Already? I am hoping on doing an old-fashioned treasure hunt with our girls like the ones we used to do when I was little. I have to write down clues and figure out hiding spots and fill eggs with candy for them to collect along their way. Cross your finger and toes for me! It is a lot to plan out but I think I can make it happen.

Enjoy your weekend!

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