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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Spring again! Unfortunately, we had a not-so-snowy Winter this year. I love the snow! It was a diappointment. We had one snowstorm where the girls were able to sled and get their cheeks rosy with cold but it was much too brief.

Although I missed having a Winter wonderland, I am ready for Spring. The trees are blooming and the temps are just about perfect for me. If I never saw temperatures over 70 degrees I would be elated.

I have been spending the past few weeks doing a much needed and desired purging and cleaning of my bedroom. We have a large family and although I try to minimize the things that we accumulate, it is a ongoing process. Much of the time when I clean the house, the "stuff" that has no place to go ends up in my bedroom amidst clutter of my own and my husband's.

Purple Heart allows some states to make online appointments for donations. It is so convenient and easy to schedule a pickup date of your choosing and then they send an email reminder the day before. Great! I made two appointments over the past two weeks.

On the first haul, I purged clothing and blankets, a box full of books, and some toys, stuffed animals, etc. After the first pickup, I realized I had much more that I could donate. I immediately scheduled an appointment for the following week which put pressure on me to find another 1-3 boxes/bags of things to go! More books, a semi-destash of my fabric and felt, and some things that I have been holding on to for future potential yard sales. I figured if someone can use the things I have cluttering up my room and closet now, it was best to let them go.

I realized that even after 4 boxes and about 3 bags worth of donations, I still have more to tackle. My goal for several years has been to minimize and organize our home. I feel that these past two weeks have been major progress for me.

It has been a long time since my husband and I have been able to actually "walk" into our walk-in closet and yesterday was the first time I could see the floor and move freely without tripping over boxes and other "stuff". Joy!

Like I mentioned before, this is an ongoing process and one I am sure will never quite have an end.

My overall goal is to minimize items in our home that do not contribute to our family as a whole. I feel that I am spending too much time cleaning, organizing, and getting stressed over clutter of inanimate objects in our home that I do not need, want or care for.

I would much rather be spending that time with family. It's a win-win situation.

Tell me, have you starting your Spring Cleaning yet?

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