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Monday, February 13, 2012


Another birthday celebrated on Friday. Lana turned nine! The themes for this year are "favorite colors" so Lana picked pink. Not much is different since her 6th birthday. She is still the fanciest girl around!

She wanted a super fancy birthday dinner so I made per her request: chicken parmesan with homemade macaroni and cheese. It had to be eaten by candelight.

She exclaimed that all her gifts were "Amaaaazing!" She could not pick a favorite one because she loved everything.

She wore a mood necklace she received and then proceeded to tell us that she was either "calm" or "excited" according to the color chart. I figured it leaned more towards the latter.

Before cake, she insisted on changing into a new fancy dress and sparkly jewelry. She was the queen of the table!

Lana has since traded in becoming a mermaid when she grows up for an elementary school art teacher. She loves art and is very creative! I believe she will be great at anything she sets her heart on. 

Even if that happens to be becoming a mermaid. :)

Hope this year shines as bright as the ones before them, Lana! We love you!


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