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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fanciest Fancy Nancy Party!

Lana turned 6 yesterday! In Kindergarten, the class sung her the Birthday song and she got to wear the birthday crown for the whole day! Each classmate shook her hand and then gave her birthday wishes! This is huge stuff for a girl turning 6!

Her party was a Fancy Nancy theme! We bought all her decorations online at Celebrate Express. Great site! I think she probably cleaned up on every Fancy Nancy gift that I could find at Target. She loved everything... being the fancy girl that she is!

Check out the awesome cake my sister, Hannah, designed and baked for Lana! It was quite a hit! The top layer was vanilla and the bottom was chocolate. She made the hearts and flowers, as well as the crown for the top, out of fondant. It was quite the masterpiece! :)

The butterflies that were fluttering out of the top of the cake were also magnets! Now we can remember Lana's fanciest of days with all those colorful butterflies flying across our refrigerator!

Another birthday over..on to Sophia. She'll be turning three in March! Whew!


  1. my 5 year old loves Fancy Nancy. That cake is super cute.

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