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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making Dresses

I made the twins new dresses!! I used the Flower Girl Dress pattern in the book, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  

I. Love. This. Pattern!!

I found this super cute Alexander Henry Farmdale fabric on sale at Joann's for under $5 a yard and completed both within days. 

It actually only took several hours to complete the dresses but when I work in tiny pockets of stolen time... it takes a bit longer. 

Weekend Sewing is a great book with loads of patterns that are simple enough even for me, who considers my sewing machine an archenemy at times.  

Once I traced the pattern and got the instructions down 
for the first one, the second dress was easy peasy! 

I got so excited making dresses, I even made one for the girls' cousin, Katie! 

Who doesn't love a $5 dress!?

Now there are three little girls with dresses that are just perfect for summertime twirling! 

...and HUGS!


  1. I want a grownup dress like this! Amazing work. Sweet models too!

  2. So love the style. Beautiful handiwork. I think they love it too!

  3. Very impressive. I've yet to unpack the sewing machine I *had* to have. You are inspiring me to tho... Not sure I'll be describing my efforts as "easy peasy" any time soon tho!

  4. What sweet little girls! I especially love the cherry blossom cute! I seem to be drawn to Alexander Henry stuff at JoAnns, too. I love what you did with the fabric!

  5. those pictures are beautiful and you definitely have some serious skills. I'm still working on figuring out my thread and needle over here...some day i'll graduate to a sewing machine. some day :)


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