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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Week in Photos: 19

The 19th week of the year was Mother's Day week! Most of it was spent outdoors swinging, bike riding or hunting for caterpillars. The weather forecast calls for rain so I am glad we got a lot of sunshine time. 

My mom and sister visited one day to bring over some organic insecticide by EcoSmart for our growing ant problem. Worked like a charm, by the way! Sprayed along the baseboard and up the woodwork I had seen them crawling and they never returned after that day! 

She tweeted later in the day, "Evangeline asleep on the deck, the twins and Sophia playing on the swings, and the smell of brownies in the oven, our midday visit to Olivia's". I thought that pretty much summed up how our days were spent this week.

Here is week 19, photos of our everyday awesome:

Saturday, May 7th. We held a family graduation party for my sister, Tessa. She just finished her student teaching and is now certified to teach Art! Congratulations!

Sunday, May 8th. My pretty little poppy on Mother's Day! I crocheted this hat for her the night before. She looked as adorable as ever!

Monday, May 9th. Mike put our summer lights on the deck. The days are getting longer and Spring is such a lovely time of year. 

Tuesday, May 10th. The view from my computer desk.

Wednesday, May 11th. The herb seeds we planted are beginning to grow! The girls love running out every day to check on them and see how big they are getting.

Thursday, May 12th. My sweet babe peacefully sleeping. 

Friday, May 13th. Sophia, Isabella, Grace and I spent some time on the deck making bracelets for Craft Hope's Orphan Outreach project. There are two projects currently for Craft Hope. The newest one is a call for security blankets for the tornado survivors in southeastern U.S. I hope to participate in both! Go check them out and see if you can contribute as well.

If you would like to view the rest of my Photo 365 project, visit my Flickr.  

Happy Monday to you all!

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