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Thursday, May 19, 2011

35 years and 2 months

Today is my birthday! I am 35 years old. Also, Evangeline turns 2 months old! I think her milestone may be a bit more exciting than mine, though. 

She has the brightest blue eyes, she smiles and "talks" to us. She recently discovered her hands and has been trying to suck her thumb. She even tries to bat around the toys that we hang from her car seat. During tummy time, she kicks her feet and swings her arm around which makes all her sisters giggle and scream that she is "already trying to crawl!"

I, at 35 years old, have established a life that I absolutely love. Ten years ago this month, my husband and I bought this house with baby Madelyn in tow. We grew as a family, adding 5 more baby girls to our home. I will never regret the decision we made as a couple to live on one income so that I could become a stay at home mother. It is tough at times, budget wise, but I thank my husband every day for giving me the life I dreamed of with our children. He makes great sacrifices working extra hours when necessary. He is probably the best darn husband and father to our girls I could have ever hoped for.

I suppose both our milestones today are something special, after all. 

Here is Evangeline's 2 month photo shoot. She was quite confused as to why I was propping her up in the rocking chair with a pillow, at first. Then, she got very excited and gave us a whole bunch of smiles! 

Blurry milky tongue smiles = Love!


  1. Happy happy birthday! And what a cutie she is. I thought so and then scrolled down to see her grin. Too cute!

  2. Appreciate you bloogging this


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